Viral Literature

Edited by clayton H. Ramsey

Viral Literature: Alone Together in Georgia


Viral Literature: Alone Together in Georgia assembled 32 writers from Georgia’s creative community to encounter the COVID-19 pandemic with the best of their art. Inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron, a collection of 100 stories told by ten young friends in seclusion from the 14th-century bubonic plague, this anthology shares fiction and memoir, verse and reflection from some of the best storytellers and poets in the state. Some of the work directly confronts the challenges of the global coronavirus health crisis in 2020, while others do not. But every entry circles the same theme, seen through the lens of observation and the filter of imagination: how we all deal with the isolation and transcendent camaraderie of our shared experience in Georgia, brought into focus by the pandemic of our time. Here, at the intersection of life and art, we may yet find needed perspective and meaning.

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Vital Literature’s short stories present a wide range of emotions and perspectives on this crazy time we find ourselves. With multiple genres represented, each story takes about 5 minutes to read and promises a lovely reprieve from our current situation.

– Amy E. Walker


Viral Literature does what I’d always hoped the Decatur Book Festival would do… document the wild, glorious, and diverse abundance of talent that calls this region home. Together, these pieces tell the story of this place and time, but it also demonstrates the strength of this community of writers.

Roberta Anderson


I liked the fact that it was a work by Georgians focusing on both hopes and struggles that we have and do face with the Pandemic of 2020. It is a masterful compilation with variety and sincerity.

– Woodrow Barnes