Throwing It All Away

Nina Owen

Throwing It All Away: A Son’s Suicide and a Mother’s Search for Hope



A high achieving young man brimming with genius and incredible promise shockingly succumbs to the devastation of depression and drug use. Starting with the day her son went missing, this is a true story of a mother’s indescribable anguish and the esoteric spiritual experiences she underwent after his death. In an authentic and unwavering voice, she imparts her son’s intimate story and offers real wisdom for others. Depression and suicide are ripping through communities in record numbers. Throwing It All Away gives an uninhibited look at one family’s struggle with suicidal ideation and the mystery of peace after death.

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I could not put the book down and wept as Nina told Sam’s story and her story. I applaud the author for telling their story as we can all learn from what Sam, Nina and the family went through. Thank you Nina.

Angela T. Mazanetz


In this brave recollection of her son’s life, Nina Owen shares the dark truths and the shining lights, showing us all how love ultimately transforms grief into grace and hope.

– Kolinda Scialabba, Emmy Award-Winning Writer/Producer


This book touches deep into the honesty of one’s soul. From the struggles, sadness, anger, love, peace and resolve. You can feel it all! A real look at depression and suicide with their lasting effects. Truly touching.

– Anna Melkerson