The Banshee of Machrae

Sonja Condit

The Banshee of Machrae: One Death in Seven Stories


Can Emma make the impossible decision between her boyfriend’s continued suffering or having him leave her forever?

Emma Fane’s world is shattered when her boyfriend, Kalen Machrae, drives off of a haunted bridge, leaving him teetering between life and death. After Jessa, Kalen’s obsessive sister, starts committing arson closer and closer to where the ailing Kalen rests, Emma seeks the counsel of Lilly, the Machrae family banshee. Torn between losing her boyfriend and watching his continued suffering, Emma struggles with the boundless options Lilly shows her for how the dire circumstances could end. Filled with ill-fated romance, unforgettable heartbreak, and ancestral specters, this linked collection of Southern Gothic stories peers inside the heart of the characters and leaves behind the eerie sensation that reality is unreliable.

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This was a captivating book that I look forward to revisiting. The structure was delightful; I can’t stand a straight telling.



Wickedly smart and wildly inventive. Condit is a one-of-a-kind writer.

– Karin Gillespie, Author of Love of Literary Style


A well-crafted and evocative meditation of a novel on might-have-beens, what-ifs, and the nature of people to wonder what their lives could have been like but for one moment or decision. 

– Amazon Customer