T.M. Brown

Testament: An Unexpected Return (Shiloh Mystery Series Book 2)


In this sequel to Sanctuary: A Legacy of Memories, Theo and Liddy are finally sinking deep roots into their new hometown of Shiloh. Friendships are blossoming as Liddy ponders an offer to become the new art teacher at Shiloh High while Theo sends off his manuscript for Jessie’s Story to be published. Life appears to be settling down, but ominous shadows from the town’s past herald that more tragedy lies ahead in little old Shiloh.

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I enjoyed this book as much as the first one. Living the life in Shiloh can certainly come with some excitement and surprises. 



Brew up a pitcher of sweet tea and settle into your most comfortable chair. You won’t want to put this book down as Mike Brown takes us back to Shiloh for more southern hospitality with Liddy and Theo Phillips.

Linda J Pifer


Testament is another outstanding novel by author T. M. Brown. It’s a page-turning mystery, with plenty of suspense. I have read this author’s previous novel Sanctuary and enjoyed it very much.

– Lee Gimenez