Mike Corwin

Tallapoosa: A Southern Novel


A remarkable young couple evolves amid the chaos of the early civil rights movement and the Vietnam Era. Against the strong objections of her wealthy parents, twenty-two-year-old Sarah Wentworth leaves Boston for a new home among black farming families in the Deep South. Smitten from the beginning, Emmett, lacking formal schooling but filled with natural wisdom, risk his reputation to support Sarah’s work with the Sharecroppers Union. The resilient lovers combat the rampage of cross burnings vigilantes to defend the rights of the local black workers and build their own family. An inspiring historical novel, Tallapoosa portrays powerful personal journeys of triumphs and tragedies that offer keen insight into the battles still being fought today.

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A remarkable work, and a real pleasure to read The scope of the book is wonderfully ambitious, and the pacing is also outstanding, as the novel successfully zeroes in on decisive events and leaps years with crisp expository narrative.

– Fred Leebron


With searing honesty and through unforgettable characters, in Tallapoosa, Corwin lays bare the struggle for the Southern soul in its darkest – and most hopeful – hours.

– Pat McKee, Author of Ariel’s Island, Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award


Tallapoosa yields up a gratifying mix of history, drama, and good old-fashioned character-based storytelling. The novel’s people manage against all odds to remain good and humane in the battle against wicked institutions and in the face of apparently insurmountable odds.

– Pinckney Benedict