Sunflower Dog

Kevin Winchester

Sunflower Dog: Dancing the Flathead Shuffle


Sally Hinson could have guessed that his business partner would leave him a heap of trouble along with their real-estate holdings, but not that his partner’s last shady deal would see him competing with a growing group of oddballs, and their unusual dog, for a once-useless piece of land that now holds the key to each of their unique “American Dreams.” Determined scientist, Kat; anxious and unemployed expectant-father, Livingston; a pair of young weed dealers; and aspiring reality-television star Brittany and her doting but far from docile grandmother, all stand between Sally and the deal of a lifetime, but is it the deal of his dreams?

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Somewhere between John Kennedy Toole and Thomas Pynchon, there’s Kevin Winchester with this engaging new novel. Sunflower Dog is an entertaining story full of wry truth, humor, tenderness, and oh so much fun.



With its cast of misfits . . . comic insight into human foibles . . . Kevin Winchester has his own voice, and as his characters move deeper into their ultimately converging quests, Sunflower Dog achieves an unexpected poignancy. A delightful novel by one of North Carolina’s best writers.

– Ron Rash, Author of PEN/Faulkner Finalist and New York Times Bestseller Serena and Above the Waterfall


This is a wonderful comic novel set in rural North Carolina. The characters are quirky and surprising, but Winchester somehow makes sure that we care about each and every one of them, even as they careen towards the bad choices we knew they would make. 

– Amazon Customer