(Newnan, GA) – Southern Fried Karma Press, an independent publisher based in Metro Atlanta, is running their 2017 Novel Contest through May 31. The contest focuses on finding Southern authors with manuscripts that go beyond stereotypical depictions of the South, illuminating the diversity of the Southern experience.

“I started SFK Press with the purpose of cultivating the artistic voices of the New South. I wanted to encourage aspiring authors and circumvent the painstaking process of traditional publishing by offering a simple path to a bigger audience. I’m a writer. I understand the angst in query letters and agent searches. Our contest gives writer an easy path to entry,” Founder Steve McCondichie said.

McCondichie went on to say, “we’re an easy-going group with no expectations of finding the next O’Connor or Conroy. Give it a try. Worst case scenario, you get some good feedback on your manuscript. Best case, you get a contract, an advance check, and your book is on the shelf by next spring.”

Independent publishers like SFK Press give debut authors a better chance of successfully entering the market. SFK Press contests allow all writers to apply, with no reading fee. Some writers approach the idea of submitting to contests warily, afraid of excessive scrutiny of their work or scam artists stealing their copyrights. SFK Press lets authors decide, negotiating a fair contract with potential SFK Press authors once a title has been selected for publication.

Inclusive, low-cost, and no-risk contests like this one allow writers from all backgrounds to share their stories. Writing contests also give readers opportunities to find books that traditional publishers might overlook.
For information about the 2017 Novel Contest, visit sfkpress.com/contests.

SFK Press is an independent publisher based in Metro Atlanta. The path for an artist to reach a wider audience is no longer exclusively controlled by corporate gatekeepers measuring each choice purely by its economic return. This is the founding premise of SFK Press, to cultivate the artistic voices of the new millennium with a Southern accent. For more information, visit sfkpress.com.