Southern Fried Karma

Down South, folks don’t normally like to talk “about” themselves, so initially Southern Fried Karma should be eyeballed from an abstract vantage. You never want to be caught staring. For this we’ll have to rely on the inspired words of our favorite fictional philosopher, Daniel “Haymaker” Hay:

“It’s our karma controlling what type of nut-job we are and how we got stuck where we’re at in life. So I decided that I created some bat-shit karma, so I do a bunch of dumb-ass stuff to make it all better, but this here is the real tricky part: It don’t change nothin’ ’cause it’s still my karma. It’s kinda like Southern cooking. We take somethin’ like chicken gizzards, which you normally wouldn’t put anywhere near your mouth, and we roll ’em in a spicy flour mix and shake ‘em up good, then we throw ‘em in hot grease. When we get done, they’re damn tasty, but it’s still the guts of a yard bird, and they’re still damn bad for you. I guess that’s my special recipe for Southern Fried Karma, like Colonel Sander’s original recipe for his chicken.”

A Message from Steve

Steve McCondichie Co-Founder, Southern Fried KarmaAfter spending 25 years of my adult career peddling bulldozers around the world and managing various real estate investments, I sprung for something with a different flavor. In January 2015, I received my MFA from Queens University of Charlotte, and began studying the shifting dynamics in the publishing world. I saw an opportunity in publishing that was paralleled in music and films. The path for an artist to reach a wider audience is no longer exclusively controlled by corporate gatekeepers measuring each choice purely by its economic return. So for practical purposes, our hopes, dreams, and aspirations are to create a multi-media production company developing projects in music, films, and books. Our debut venture, SFK Press, released its first title, Lying for a Living, in February 2017. That Fall, we attended a number of literary conferences, where we opened for submissions from unpublished writers and announced the launch of new projects and publications. Every year, we’ll be sponsoring a literary fiction and a political/historical nonfiction contest, and we’ll announce the details for each at the annual AWP Conference & Bookfair. There’s a slogan on the Southern Poverty Law Center website, “Y’ALL MEANS ALL.” Now more than ever, it’s important for us all to take this simple phrase to heart and put it into action with our words and deeds. That’s what we’re about.

Steve McCondichie
Co-Founder, Southern Fried Karma
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