The Skin Artist by George Hovis is now available. Learn more about the release with this new article from The Daily Star.

Hovis, a North Carolina native who lives in Cooperstown, will have a reading Tuesday, May 14, at the Green Toad bookstore in Oneonta for his book, “The Skin Artist,” a Gothic thriller published by Southern Fried Karma Press in Atlanta.

“It was very exciting to see it in print,” he said. “I tell you what is also exciting is for people to be able to read the book and tell me what they think.”

Hovis, who teaches writing composition and American Literature classes, said he wrote the first draft of the book many years ago, and it “lived in a drawer” until about two years ago when he started working with a former SUNY Oneonta colleague, April Ford, who had moved to Atlanta to become an associate publisher with SFK.

To learn more, read the full article on The Daily Star here. The Skin Artist ebook is available for FREE on Amazon this week.

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