Nitty Gritty Writer has interviewed Evan Williams about his new novel, “Ripples.” Read on.

Interview Excerpt: 

What is the most surprising thing you learned while writing this book? 

Many authors, maybe most, are outliners. Not me, unless you consider the mishmash in my head. But halfway through the first draft of RIPPLES I realized that if I had a whiteboard the size of a barn, I could not have outlined or organized the thousands of details which I tracked mentally: What color are Granny Bramley’s eyes? What was the dog’s name? Did I already reveal this fact or simply allude to it? How old is Ben in this scene? Thousands of little details. Were it not for the little binoculars icon on the Microsoft Word page which allows me to search an entire document by specific words and terms, I would have been sunk or perhaps institutionalized. 

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About Ripples
Is repaying a debt of gratitude worth the cost of sanity? Ben Bramley must answer that question when a fall day phone call beckons him back to the farm of his youth, to the land that scarred him to the bone. If he rescinds his resolution of lifetime avoidance, he will be returning to the postcard mountain hamlet of Abundance where townsfolk are long on judgment but short on sympathy. Clueless that their black-or-white world of Southern Baptist status quo is in jeopardy should Ben decide to unload his repository of dark secrets and completely unravel the pious fabric of the close-knit community, which includes the handful of those who care for him most. Complex relationships fuel a story in which hypocrisy is an art form, change is impossible, and to love someone is to give them the power to destroy.

About Evan Williams
Evan Williams entered his first writing competition in sixth grade, a county-wide agricultural conservation essay contest, and won second place along with a nifty plaque. RIPPLES draws heavily on his family’s multi-generational apple-growing business. Surrounded by orchards, Evan writes from within a former apple storage shed—the same shed where he would steal away as a boy to enjoy quality reading time.

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