With a steady diet of hate-radio and love of God & guns, Pete-O Hemper ain’t so sure about the progressive changes encroaching upon his small Alabaman town. For a limited time, y’all can discover the zany cast of characters and calamity featured in Cathy Adams book A Body’s Just As Dead for only $0.99 on Kindle. ‘Cause progress is comin’, whether Pete-O likes it or not.

About A Body’s Just As Dead
The American Dream ain’t what it used to be, and Pete-o Hemper has a bone to pick with these newfangled changes. When high-tech ways whack their little hometown off-kilter, the zany Hemper family struggles to adjust. Fueled by a gluttonous diet of talk radio, wacky Uncle Pete-o strikes back at the forces he believes are betraying the land that he loves. A crazy congealed salad of bizarre adventures, stinging wit and gritty realism, this fresh portrait of American stubbornness has all the ingredients of a stirring page-turner. You’ll relish this folksy menagerie of real and relatable characters in their endearing calamity of modern life run amok.

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