Southern Fried Karma will be attending the 2019 Bookmarks Spring Book Club Social on April 9th at 7 PM.

Join representatives from Blair Publishing, Southern Fried Karma, Hub City and Bookmarks staff as we discuss upcoming book releases and book club recommendations, and enjoy wine, hors d’oeuvres, and giveaways! Book clubs that are registered through Bookmarks and bring three or more members to the Social will be entered to win an exclusive experience with an author at an upcoming event! Details to be announced at the Book Club Social.

Feel free to register for the event for free here.

Featured Authors 

Evan Williams (Ripples)
In a small town swollen with secrets, a young boy puzzles his way through a minefield of societal expectations and Southern Baptist status quo. Ben Bramley has been granted an idyllic upbringing in a scenic mountain hamlet. With one set of grandparents living next door and the other a mile away, both family lines are involved in the area’s widespread apple-growing heritage. But within this close-knit community, privacy is an illusion. When the promises of his faith fail him, Ben struggles alone with an unrecognizable life and becomes the unwitting repository of weighty secrets. Complex relationships fuel a story in which hypocrisy is an art form, change is impossible, and love is destructive.

F. Rutledge Hammes (A Curious Matter of Men with Wings)
One day, Bohicket and Ley Walpole take their little sister, Dew, out on a johnboat to pirate the waterways for beer and loose change. Dew falls overboard and appears to drown, until two men with gigantic wings swoop down and carry her body away into the sky. The news of her disappearance hits the family hard, driving the mother to fashion wings so she can fly after the men who took her daughter. The Walpole boys set off in search of their little sister and discover love and the truth behind the centuries-old tale of the Flying Men, as well as numerous other mysteries native to the South Carolina Sea Islands.

George Weinstein (Hardscrabble Road)
The entire MacLeod clan is haunted by secrets—and young Roger “Bud” MacLeod doesn’t realize he carries the biggest secret of all. Growing up poor in Depression-era South Georgia is hard enough, but Bud is also cursed with a stutter and a birthmark that disfigures his face. His hateful father and amoral mother make life worse still, despite his brothers’ efforts to shield him. To survive in body and soul, Bud must discover his strengths and confront the sins of his parents. First, though, he’ll need to grasp his own truth: that he can’t embrace his future until he comes to terms with his past.

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