Author George Weinstein is a longtime observer of marriages and the issues that develop in relationships.

In his novel, “The Caretaker,” released by Newnan, Georgia based publisher SFK Press, Weinstein was influenced by a frank assessment of his mistakes in his now-27-year marriage, as well as his wife’s past as a ballet dancer.

“I’ve seen time and again how the decisions made by a spouse/partner—actions and then rationales to try to explain those actions—put stresses on the relationship,” Weinstein said. “These ‘unforced errors’ are often the things that lead to a marriage foundering if not failing outright.”

“I wanted to write about a young marriage that is in trouble and see if the two parties can figure out how to do things better before all hope is lost—or revive it if they’ve reached the seeming point of no return,” Weinstein said.

“One of the most human qualities is the desire to seek and hold onto love,” SFK Press publisher Steve McCondichie said. “Sometimes that comes at a cost. ‘The Caretaker’ examines the nuances of love in the face of tragedy.”

Sarah Gordon had spent her life seeking and achieving a place in the world of professional ballet. Then a car accident took her left leg. Nearly 30 years old, she now must reinvent herself…and rewrite the rules of her marriage.  Her husband blames himself for her accident and wants to ensure nothing bad ever happens to her again—at any cost. To become whole once more, Sarah is forced to decide if independence is worth more than love, and if having one means giving up the other.

George Weinstein is an author of numerous novels, including the Southern historical novel “Hardscrabble Road,” the Southern mystery “Aftermath,” and the multi-cultural historical novel “The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno”—all published by SFK Press. Since 2009, he has managed the Atlanta Writers Conference, a twice-yearly opportunity for writers to meet with agents and editors, and occasionally make their dreams come true.

Praise for “The Caretaker”:

“Sarah’s story belongs to anyone who has ever gone through pain and loss to come out stronger and better. Don’t miss this one!” —Cassandra King, best-selling author of “The Sunday Wife”

“Gracefully layered with artistry, physicality and emotion, this book will compel readers to question the very nature of love and loyalty.”  —M.J. Pullen, best-selling author of “The Marriage Pact” trilogy and “Sugar Street”

“Weinstein looks way beyond the easy and obvious clichés to the dilemmas of our closest relationships—spinning a moving, tender, and ultimately hopeful tale of a woman seeking to relearn the greatest art of all, the art of love.” —Man Martin, author of “Paradise Dogs” and “Days of the Endless Corvette”

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