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SFK Press

SFK Press cultivates the contemporary voices of the South with artistic expression as divergent as Brooklyn’s Williamsburg or Portland’s Pearl District. We especially encourage submissions from indigenous, LGBTQIA+, disabled, current or previously incarcerated, and non-binary people, women, and people of color.


Adams, Cathy

A Body’s Just as Dead, Cathy Adams 

F. Rutledge Hammes

A Curious Matter of Men with Wings, F. Rutledge Hammes 

George Weinstein

Aftermath, George Weinstein 

Mickey Dubrow

American Judas, Mickey Dubrow 

Rebecca Davis

Amidst This Fading Light, Rebecca Davis 

Dale Neal

Appalachian Book of the Dead, Dale Neal 

June Sylvester Saraceno

Feral, North Carolina, 1965, June Sylvester Saraceno 

George Weinstein

Hardscrabble Road, George Weinstein 

Brenda Marie Smith

If Darkness Takes Us, Brenda Marie Smith 

Brenda Marie Smith

If the Light Escapes, Brenda Marie Smith

Steve McCondichie

Lying for a Living, Steve McCondichie

Krystyna Byers

Not All Migrate, Krystyna Byers

Brenda Wilson

Red Door Scriptures, Brenda Wilson

Evan Williams

RIPPLES, Evan Williams

Sarah Jilek

Saint Catastrophe, Sarah Jilek

Bob Mann

Shotgun Joe, Bob Mann

Kevin Winchester

Sunflower Dog: Dancing the Flathead Shuffle, Kevin Winchester 

Matthew Duffus

Swapping Purples for Yellows, Matthew Duffus

Sonja Condit

The Banshee of Machrae, Sonja Condit

George Weinstein

The Caretaker, George Weinstein

Yong Takahashi

The Escape to Candyland, Yong Takahashi

George Weinstein

The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno, George Weinstein

Steve McCondichie

The Parlor Girl’s Guide, Steve McCondichie

The Skin Artist

The Skin Artist, George Hovis

Atlanta Writers Club, Edited by Clayton H. Ramsey

Viral Literature: Alone Together in Georgia, Atlanta Writers Club, Edited by Clayton H. Ramsey

George Weinstein

Watch What You Say, George Weinstein