T.M. Brown

Purgatory: A Progeny’s Quest (Shiloh Mystery Series Book 3)


After Theo and Liddy retired to the small Georgia town of Shiloh, they expected a quieter life, but when Theo becomes the investigative reporter for the local Sentinel he discovers that small towns can be just as dangerous as big cities for people devoted to seeking the truth. Having narrowly escaped a brush with death in Purgatory, Theo tackles what he hopes will be an easier investigation: helping the orphaned Pepper come to grips with her scandalous mother’s past. But when an armored limousine purchased by Theo’s friend and neighbor Zeb brings another spate of shady characters to Shiloh, Theo finds himself in the middle of unexpected danger, building to an explosive conclusion days before the town’s Independence Day celebrations.

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This last book in the series exceeds all expectations. Many of the delightful town characters have returned. 

Linda J Pifer


Mysteries beset the citizenry of a small southern town that exudes ‘contagious, country-fried wholeness.’ T. M. Brown peels back the layers of those mysteries like one peels an onion. As you approach the finale, better hold on to your hat!

– Jameson Gregg, Georgia Author of the Year


I loved my third visit with Theo, Liddy and the good folks of Shiloh. Purgatory has a great story line with a few surprises thrown in.

– Judy