Lying for a Living

Steve McCondichie

Lying for a Living


Jesse Few is a 49-year-old suburban rogue who’s perfectly fine living a life of golf, booze, and women too young for him. But when a mysterious backyard stalker threatens his mother, and a megalomaniac preacher skirmishes with his son, Jesse’s cavalier approach to life and love is tested. 

A cowboy-up moment drives the derelict dad to decide whether he’ll saddle up and rescue his loved ones from menacing threats or retreat to the comforts of denial, avoidance, and blowing up watermelons with black-market machine guns. In this irreverent mid-life coming-of-age story, an unwitting hero wrestles with his capacity to mature into a bona fide adult.

This energetic and entertaining debut novel by Steve McCondichie is packed with dark humor and riveting suspense. It’s a fast-paced, fun read that’ll charm fans of contemporary American dramedy and satirical thrillers.

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Steve McCondichie has hit a home run with Lying for A Living and its messy protagonist Jesse Few. I know this guy. He’s everywhere in the South, golfing with my dad when I was a kid and slugging ‘em back in the 19th Hole poker game.

Brenda Marie Smith


The Southern tenor of the novel plays heavily to family ties and generational responsibilities. Colorful, and laced with wry and witty dialogue, the abundant humor and memorable references make this book an absolute gem.

– Evan Williams, Award-Winning Author of One Apple at a Time


Hold on tight, you’re in for a ride! Steve McCondichie has captured the heart of the modern South. Most Southerners have known someone like Jesse Few. 

– Tonya (and Jonathan) Calvert