Mandi Jourdan

Lacrimosa (Shadows of the Mind: Book One)


An enigmatic young woman struggles to discover her role in solving a puzzling murder. After the slaying of a brilliant robotics pioneer, Lila must decide how far she’ll go to catch the killer and uncover the real source of the ominous plot. In a race against time, the gutsy heroine must unearth the truth before the sinister forces aligned against her destroy everyone and everything she holds dear. Lacrimosa is a sci-fi thriller ride through a riveting world of cutting-edge androids, nefarious secrets, and shocking betrayals.

Will justice or love prevail?

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An amazing science-fiction thriller. From the opening line, I was hooked. Each character and their relationships are so well developed and written that I wasn’t sure who I was even rooting for as I read because I became so attached to everyone.

– Audrey Holmes


Lacrimosa is part sci-fi, part crime thriller, and all character-driven heart. With kick-ass, powerful women—both android and human—Jourdan gives voice to characters you’ll love and love to hate.

– Sarah Jilek


I dream of the day a Mandi Jourdan project appears on screen. Strong female leads, a dark and fascinating android future that invokes visions of our own technological dreams and nightmares, satisfying mystery, hot and complicated romance—all the things we ask for, all the things that Mandi Jourdan is delivering to us here. 

– Jay