Ariel's Island

Pat McKee

Ariel’s Island


When the Milano Corporation’s lead counselor plummets to his death, young and hungry Atlanta litigator Paul McDaniel dives into the murky waters of the patent dispute between brothers Placido and Anthony Milano and their mysterious challenger SyCorAx, Ltd. Placido’s elusive assistant Ariel helps Paul glide through the turbulent currents of the case, and his prospects couldn’t seem any brighter—until a weekend spent at an exclusive coastal island resort with the Milanos reveals a hidden adversary and sends Paul scrambling to save Placido’s daughter Melissa, prove himself innocent of bribery and murder, and preserve the career he’s sacrificed his entire life to build.

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An exciting and sophisticated thriller full of twists, turns, lessons and love. A must read that you won’t be able to put down. A compelling story that will leave you jaw dropped and wanting more. Ariel’s Island is just that good. Get it. Now. 

Jeffrey R Sturm


In his thrilling debut novel, legal veteran McKee takes the reader on a white-knuckleride from corporate law offices to private islands where the cleanest thing is the laun-dered money. An insider’s take on ‘the Dirty South, ‘ with more twists and turns thana backwoods rattler’s spine.

– Erik Butler, Author of The Rise of the Vampire


This book captured my attention from the beginning and kept it throughout with twists and turns that were unexpected. Truly a great read with lots of intrigue and suspense from start to finish. The ending is a cliff hanger that leaves you anxious to find out what happens next.

– DZ