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For over 450 years, and probably before, the settlers and inhabitants of the South have made some fateful choices and created their own twisted karma. Right here in Dekalb County, the home of our worldwide headquarters, we have the revered and reviled legacy of Stone Mountain. Outsiders view us as either Stars and Bars waving Bubbas who’ve escaped house-arrest from the trailer park, or gothic mint julep-sippers fanning ourselves in the midnight solitude of our shadowy gardens. Southern Fried Karma’s mission is to debunk these myths by cultivating the innovative voice of the New Millennium. For practical purposes, we are a fiercely independent multi-media production company successfully developing projects in books and film. We also provide a consistent platform for disruptive voices and visions with our literary zine, The New Southern Fugitives.

An artist’s path to reach a wider audience is no longer exclusively controlled by corporate gatekeepers measuring each choice purely by its economic return. In the Deep South, where the bespectacled Flannery O’Connor inhabits every literary tick, the contemporary narrative is dynamic. We’re marching far beyond the cynical stories of the 20th century, and our authors have dumped the askew pastorals on their asses.

We’re dedicated to telling a million tales of “Y’ALL MEANS ALL.” Now more than ever, it’s vital for us all to take this simple phrase to heart and put it into action with our words and deeds. That’s what we’re about.


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Steve McCondichie

Steve McCondiche

Co-Founder and Publisher


Mandi Jourdan

Associate Publisher and Acquisitions Editor (SFK Press Imprints), Interim Editor in Chief of The New Southern Fugitives


Liz Engelmeier

PR and Marketing



DW McKinney

2020-2021 Web Resident (The New Southern Fugitives)


Alison McCondiche

Office Manager and Audio Book Producer


Britny Cordera

Poetry Editor (The New Southern Fugitives)


Christopher Louis Romaguera

Fiction Editor (The New Southern Fugitives)


A. Poythress

Regular Reviewer (The New Southern Fugitives)