Welcome, Southern Fried Fugitives

Southern Fried Karma’s latest publishing adventure will broaden the opportunity for unpublished authors and artists to have their work feature in our upcoming zine, Southern Fried Fugitives. We will send the latest issue out each week, and we want you to take part!

Each zine will feature our weekly post alongside a short work of fiction or poetry, a photograph, and work of visual art from you! 

To submit your work to us, please submit your work through this online portal only. No snail mail or email will be reviewed. Include a synopsis of the project, including the word count, your personal bio, any writing, publishing credits, features or additional history you may have, and how you heard about Southern Fried Karma in a breif cover letter of your submission. Please submit documents in a Word Document, or .pdf format (.jpeg, or .png format if you wish to submit an image).


The documents must be properly formatted as follows:

·       Set a 1″ margin on all sides

·       12-point type

·       Times New Roman, Courier or Arial font

·       Double-space the entire text

All documents should include the author’s name, email address, and title in the HEADER. Include your contact information on the title page. 

We look forward to reading and viewing your work and responding to your query within 2 – 4 weeks. Rest assured, every incoming query is being read and evaluated. 

Fill out my online form.