Like many Southerners, I find comfort in nature and the surrounding elements. Flora, fauna, fire, earth, water, and wind touch us all. As a Georgia native, I find my state’s climate seductive. My favorite season is summer as it’s the perfect time to capture Georgia and all her extremes—the intense heat, bugs as big as your hand, and beautiful skies no matter how clear or stormy. These photographs capture a few of the elements Georgians encounter.

Luna Moth: (pictured above) It seems to stare at us whenever we get the opportunity to see it. The ghostly pale green of its wings paired with the mirage of peeping eyes make it one of the most hypnotic of insects.

Summer Moon: Almost every night, Georgia brings a summer storm that shakes the earth. But, after she’s run out of steam, Georgia calms and brings extravagant jewels in the sky—like the full moon veiled by clouds. My state truly has her silver linings.


Fire: One of the best ways to enjoy summer nights in the South is to build a fire. It puts you closer to nature and danger. Watching the flames of a bonfire I’ve created lick the air mercilessly makes me feel powerful.