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The Transfiguration of Southern Rock

From Humble Origins to Global Connections American summers have long been filled with tunes connected to the South. Elvis Presley’s first single, “That’s All Right,” was released in July 1954. In the late 60’s, the summers of love, sun, urban riots, and war protests...

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The Puzzle of Linguistics

The Dominance of Language in Meditations on the Mother Tongue The Southern melting pot of language and culture often appears more like a salad chopped into historical time periods. The scattered ingredients, often too easily picked out, generate a simplified version...

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“Mercurial’s” Poetic Cuisine

Allison Joseph’s Journey to Wild Empowerment Like a cook sampling her fare before serving to eager guests, a poet offers intimate snapshots of isolated memory surrounded by the spices of metaphorical limitations. Just as each appetizer provides a preview of the entire...

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