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Visual Arts: Blackout Poetix

Secret Garden: “How hot was the summer? She thought of the battle raging in the past like a secret garden in masquerade.”     What is Blackout Poetry? I discovered “blackout poetry” by accident when I was sifting through quirky ideas on Pinterest. Using the...

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Moonlight Inheritance

The figurehead's eyes were dead, empty of her magical soul like her sea-sisters in the graves that the ship sailed upon. The privateer ship had no regard for their sanctity. It continued, cutting through the blue of the seas with a sinner’s vigor. The ship was a tidal...

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Marble Tar-Babies

Inheriting Civil War Stuff In Joel Chandler Harris’s “The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story,” the turpentine and tar stick figure stays still and silent throughout the two-page short story. Yet, it’s the Tar-Baby’s refrain from polite speech that draws the ire of Brer Rabbit...

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