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Are Southern Rockers Still Doing It Again?

Baby Boomers Search for Their Southland Jams In 1975, Charlie Daniels’ hit single “The South’s Gonna Do It Again” dominated FM radio and announced Southern Rock’s commercial rule over the late 70s. Not only did Southern Rock shred its way through Dixie but also...

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“Mercurial’s” Poetic Cuisine

Allison Joseph’s Journey to Wild Empowerment Like a cook sampling her fare before serving to eager guests, a poet offers intimate snapshots of isolated memory surrounded by the spices of metaphorical limitations. Just as each appetizer provides a preview of the entire...

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Today’s Fugitive Poets

Contemporary Southern Authors Honoring a Literary Legacy The Fugitive Poets consisted of a select group of poets and scholars whose progressive ideals challenged the social norms of racism during the rule of the infamous Jim Crowe laws. Southern culture has a knack...

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