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Abner Jay, Born Entertainer

The last working minstrel in America was also its first independent recording artist. Decades before independent recording grew into a techno-cultural wave and a bounty of self-produced CDs, Abner Jay recorded and produced eight LP albums and sold them out of a...

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Southern History Under Review

Creating Necessary Conversation Through the Decatur Obelisk For as long as I can remember, Confederate memorials have dotted Southern public property. Cornerstones of my childhood in Georgia included watching the laser shows at Stone Mountain and hearing family...

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Journey to the Big House

Southern Rock's Graceland Off a busy street in downtown Macon, GA sits a typical English Tudor-style house with cream white stucco and brown wood trim; however, if you drove past the big house at 2321 Vineville Avenue in the early 70’s, the inhabitants were far from...

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